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Van Broussard, born March 29, 1937, Prairieville, LA. His roots go all of the way back to 1954. He is as popular today as he was in the fifties. Van has come up with a whopping six CD's and close to a hundred songs recorded. If ever a man could lay claim to the term, "Swamp Pop King", it would have to be Van Broussard. Van's big swamp pop band has always featured a large horn section, one of the secrets of his success. Van's sister, Grace Broussard had several chart recordings under the name of "Dale and Grace" in the sixties, including, "I'm Leavin' It All Up To You", and, "We've Got To Stop And Think It Over".

Van was inducted into the Louisiana Hall of Fame in 1997.

Although he is not a household name nationally, Van Broussard is almost legendary in the Cajun bayou areas of Southern LouisianaHe is a legend for helping forge the way for swamp pop music. Before his sister, Grace Broussard, had a hit record in 1963 with Dale Houston in the pairing Dale & Grace, she also performed frequently with her older brother in their hometown of Prairieville, LA, at a nightspot called Cal's Club. During the early years of Broussard's career, his music revolved around Dixieland as he performed in the region of Ascension Parish. A turning point came in the mid-'50s, when Elvis Presley's early recordings caught Broussard's attention and he started leaning toward the sounds of R&B and, later, straight-ahead into swamp pop. Broussard's long career includes releases for a number of different labels, among them CSP, Red Stick, Rex, and Bayou Boogie. During his later years, Broussard put out more than half a dozen albums with CSP, amassing approximately 100 recorded songs for that label alone. His popular singles include "Lord I Need Somebody Bad Tonight" in 1977 and "Feed the Flame" in 1958.

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