This is only a few of the great Cajun and Zydeco Bands. There are many more all as important and as serious about their music as the ones recongnized.  

All of the groups and artists that perform Cajun and Zydeco are important to the heritage of the Louisiana music sound. 

 Visit these artists' web sites and see their schedules and purchase their CD's to show your appreciation for their great music and contributions to keeping Louisiana a great place for music.

Swamp Pop, Cajun and Zydeco Bands 





 Acadien Cajun Band

Adam Hebert

Andrew Cormier

Ardoin/Creole Ramblers

Balfa Toujours

Belton Richard

Basile Cajun Band

Basin Brothers


Blackie Forestier (1928-2001) and the Cajun

Bois Sec Ardoin (1915-2007)

Briggs Brown and the Bayou Cajuns

Bonne Musique Zydeco

Bonne Chance

Boozoo Chavis (1930-2001)

Brad Randell and the Zydeco Ballers

Bruce Daigrepont

Buckwheat Zydeco

Blackie Fruge and the Hicks Wagon Wheel Ramblers


Catin Bonsoir

Cajun Dance

Cajun Express

Caju Nation

Chris Ardoin and NuStep / Double Clutchin'

Chris Miller & Bayou Roots

Corey Arceneaux and the Zydeco Hot Peppers

C.J Chenier and the Red Hot Louisiana Band

Creole Cowboys

Creole Zydeco Farmers

Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band

Cory McCauley and the Evangeline Aces



Corey Young and Zydeco Embrace (formerly the Zydeco Teens)

Corey Ledet and His Zydeco Band

D.L. Menard

Donna Angelle and the Zydeco Posse

Damon Troy and Cheap Shots / Louisiana Beat

Danny Collet and Louisiana Tremor

Donny Broussard and the Louisiana Stars

 Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers

Don Fontenot et les Amis de la Louisiane

Don Montoucet

Donald Fontenot et les Cajuns de la Prairie

Ed Gary and the Louisiana Cajun Aces

Elton "Bee" Cormier, Barry Cormier, and Matthew Cormier

Fred Charlie/Jason Babineaux and the Acadiana


Fricassée Cajun Band

Fernest Arceneaux (1940-2008)

Geno Delafose and French Rockin' Boogie

Goldman Thibodeaux and Calvin Carrière

Hadley Castille and the Sharecropper Cajun

Hiram Sampy (1926-2002)

Hunter Hayes

Horace Trahan and the New Ossun Express

Harry Trahan

Joe Simon and the Louisiana Cajuns

Jo-El Sonnier

 Jamie Bergeron and the Kickin' Cajuns

Jamie Berzas and the Cajun Tradition Band

Jackie Caillier and Cajun Cousins

Jesse Legé and The Southern Ramblers

John Leger and Débris Cajun Band

J.C. Carriere and Hot Step

J.C. Labbie

Jambalaya Cajun Band

Jeremy Frugé and the Zydeco Hot Boyz

JoJo Reed and the Happy Hill Zydeco Band

Jr. Melancon and the Come Down Playboys

Karlo Broussard and Standard Time

Kira Viator and Bayou Beat

Keith Frank and the Soileau Zydeco Band

Kenneth Thibodeaux

Kaleb Trahan

Lee Benoit and the Bayou Stompers

Les Amies Louisianaises

Les Amies Creole

Leroy Thomas and the Zydeco Roadrunners

Leon Chavis and the Zydeco Flames

Lafayette Rhythm Devils

Lawrence Ardoin and Tradition Creole


Lesa Cormier and the Sundown Playboys

Les Jeunes Cajun

Lil' Nathan and the Zydeco Big Timers

La Bande Feufollet

Marc & Ann Savoy

Michael Doucet and BeauSoleil

Moïse and Alida Viator

Maurice Barzas and the Original Mamou Playboys:

Milton Adams (1918-2002)

Matthew Courville

Murphy Richard

Morris Ardoin and Dexter

Nathan Williams and the Zydeco Cha Chas

Paul Daigle: Cajun Gold, Savoir Faire, and Family Gold

Poullard, Poullard, & Garnier

Preston Frank and the Frank Family Band

Ray Abshire

Step Rideau and the Zydeco Outlaws

Same Ol' 2 Step

Sheryl Cormier and Cajun Sounds

The Hackberry Ramblers

T-Broussard and and the Zydeco Steppers

Terrance Simien and Zydeco Experience Curley Taylor and Zydeco Trouble

Travis Benoit  

 Roy Carrier and the Night Rockers

 Rodney Fontenot (1914-2005)


  Robert Jardell and Pure Cajun


Marce Lacouture


Jason Frey & Travis Matte with Lagniappe

Harry LaFleur

Ray Landry and Friends

Robert LeBlanc


Richard LeBouef and Two Step


Eddie Lejeune (1951-2001)

Ervin Lejeune

Felton LeJeune and the Cajun Cowboys

Rodney LeJeune

Les Frères Michot

Lost Bayou Ramblers

Louisiana's Kingfish (with Milton Vanicor)

Louisiana Tradition (formerly Old Tymers)

Lucky Playboys

Hubert Maitre

Shelton Manuel (1922-2005)

Thomas Matte

Travis Matte and the Kingpins

The Magnolia Sisters

Jude Moreau and the Bons Temps Playboys

Kevin Naquin and the Ossun Playboys

Howard Noel, Jr., and Cajun Boogie

Old Tymers Cajun Band

Pine Leaf Boys



Rosie Ledet

Rockin Dopsie Jr. and the Zydeco Twisters

Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys

Scotty Pousson and the Pointe aux Loups

Sean Ardoin and ZydeKool

The Red Stick Ramblers

Travis Matte and the Kingpins

 Touchet Family


Tout Les Soir

Terry Domingue and the Zydeco Bad Boys

Thomas "Big Hat" Fields

Ulysse Poirrier and the Bayou Teche Cajun Band

Walter Mouton and the Scott Playboys

Willis Prudhomme

Wayne Toups

Zachary Richard

Zydeco Force

Zydeco Joe (1943-2007)